Friday, September 24, 2010

Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release

Tonight is the Scars of Mirrodin pre-release!! A few places are starting at midnight.

I can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magic the Gathering In San Antonio, TX

I've started getting into playing Magic:The Gathering again. It's been a while (10+ years), but the kdis are getting of an age where they might like it. We've played, and they enjoyed it well enough, but I figured I'd try the tournaments, which is entirely new to me.

To that end, I had to find out where to play. The Wizards of the Coast website has a locater where you can find places to play and buy cards and participate in organized and/or DCI sanctioned events. Also, some places have casual or EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) play on different nights. So, this post is an effort to make sense of it all, or at least make sense of what I learned.

7:00 pm - Dragon's Lair
Casual & EDH

Nothing I can find so far. But, I'm going to keep looking

6:00 pm - Gamelot
Casual & EDH

6:00 pm - Cards & Crafts
7:00 pm - Heroes & Fantasies (Pat Booker)
Booster Draft

7:00 pm - Dragon's Lair
7:00 pm - Cards & Crafts
7:00 pm - Heroes & Fantasies (Pat Booker, Summit Pkwy, Bitters)
7:00 pm - Gamelot
Friday Night Magic
This is usually Standard constructed (bring your own), but some places do booster drafts.
Also, most places charge up to $5, but Gamelot has a free tournament that starts around 8pm.

5:00 pm - Heroes & Fantasies (Summit Pkwy)

12:00 noon - Cards & Crafts
Booster draft

There is also qualifying events for the big magic tournaments that happen occasionally, as well as product release and pre-release events.

Generally, some places have pre-release events at midnight of the day of release. Others have events at noon of the release day (Saturday). Others have events Sunday. Some have both Saturday and Sunday, some have both midnight and noon events. In all cases, call first, that way you can get the information updated and straight from the source.