Sunday, April 8, 2012

Buying MP3s from Amazon Sucks

Trying to buy music from amazon for Bianca's school project. So, I go to the MPS store of Amazon, find the song, and want to add it to me cart. Not possible. I have to buy and pay for each song as I select it. Like going through the grocery store line a new time for each and every item I want. So if I get 12 songs, I'll have 12 transactions. Buying Multiple Songs At this time, you cannot select multiple songs and make one purchase unless you purchase an entire album. Consecutive orders for individual songs or other items that cost less than $5.00 may be combined into one transaction and appear as a single charge on your credit or debit card billing statement. When we combine your purchases into a single transaction, we'll send you an order confirmation e-mail listing the individual items purchased. How is this not the stupidest thing in the world of modern technology?