Friday, October 14, 2016

Mafia Game History

Wizards of the Coast has totally obliterated all of the old discussion boards and it appears, even it's archives.

Saved my old game list, posting it here for posterity.

Mafia Games 2010-2012
Submitted by PeregrineV 4 years ago
Ongoing games & signups:
Completed games:
[Basic#5]-Bandit Mafia, Town Doc, NK night2, Town Lost
Dreven City:A Wild West Mafia [Int+]: Town Vanilla*, lynched day4(2062), Town Won  (Design File)
Tales of Symphonia Mafia[Int+]: Town Gigilo*, lynched day2(888), Town Won
YMtC:Summit of Null Moon II[Int+]: Town Planeswalker, died day7, Town Lost
Anime Mafia[MINI]: Town Charasmatic, NK night2, Town Won (Design File)
Economic Crisis on Pandora[MINI]: Town Fountain Watch, Town Won (Flawless!)
Touhou Mafia IV: Border Collapse[PC]: Town HistoryChanger,died day6, Town Lost
You Will Hate Being Town Mafia[MINI]: Mafia Mother Brain, Mafia Won
Resistance v2.0: Resistance, Town Won
eBay Mafia: Town, dayvig day1, Town Lost
InFamous Mafia[Beginner]: Town Voteblocker*, lynched day3 (585), Town Lost
Kingmaker: Town, Town Won
Newbie 1077: Town, Town Lost
Full Metal Alchemist[Int]: Mafia, vigged night2, Mafia Lost
Sunflowers for Ragnarokio[PC]: Town Naive Cop, lynched day6, Town Won
True Blood Mafia[MINI]: Town Mason Lovers, NK Day3, Town Lost
Cold War Mafia: Town*, died day7, Town Lost
Elite Scumhunting Unit[MINI]: Town, lynched day3, Town Won
Time Traveler Mafia: Town, NK cycle 4, Town Won
Touhou Mafia: Subterranean Animism[MINI]: Town Doctor, NK night2, Town Lost
My Mafia Diary[Int+]: Town Mason, died day6, Town Lost
Chuck Mafia: Season 1: Town, lynched day3, Town Won
Paper Mario Mafia[MINI]: Mafia Pariah, lynched day2, Mafia Won
American Dad Mafia: Town Miller, lynched day3, Town Won
Mini 1157: Witch-Hunt Nightless: Mafia*, Mafia Lost
Stuff on My Desk Mafia [MINI]: Town Insomniac, NK night0, Town Lost
Razorborne Mafia [Basic]: Back-up Mod, Mafia Won
Small Town Mafia [Int]: Pigsticker Mafia Doc*, died day4, Pigsticker Mafia Lost
Wizards at the Sorcerors Den: Mafia Artificer, killed night3, Mafia Lost
Camp Crystal Lake [Int]: Town, lynched day2, Town Lost
Order of the Chaos Rose Mafia [MINI]: Town Martyr, died day4, Town Lost
Battelstar Galactica Mafia: Mafia Rolecop*, Mafia Won
[MINI 1168] Philosophy Mafia: Town*, dayvig day3, Town Lost
You Pick Your Role Mafia: Town Bulletproof, died day3, Town Lost
Planet of Hats Mafia [LARGE NY 1133]: Town Doc, NK night6, Town Lost
Into Africa Mafia: Town, dayvig day1, Town Won
Return to Gambits Mafia: Town Insane Cop*, NK night2, Town Lost
Lemming Mafia: Town, lynched day1, Town Lost
A Certain Magical Mafia[INT]: Town Networker, bombed day3, Town Won
[MINI 1199] Plissken's Pit: Mafia Goon, Mafia Won (Flawless!)
Mafia of Ancient Egypt [Mini]: Town, lynched day1, Town Won
Marketplace Mafia: Town, lynched day2, Town Lost
Mass Effect Mafia: Mafia Gifter, Draw leaning to Mafia Won
TV Show Mafia: Town, lynched day9, Town Lost
Simpsons Mafia [PC]: Town Voteblocker, NK night2, Town Lost
The Siege of Balginor [Real Adventures]: Town Champion, Day JOAT, Town Won
Toy Story Mafia: Town, NK day7, Town Lost
Dr. Who Mafia [MINI]: Mafia Godfather*, Mafia Won

Repo! the Genetic Mafia: Town, lynched day1, Town Lost
Worse Idea Mafia 4:SKs On the Loose: Town Child, Town Won
Death at a Funeral Mafia: Town, Town 1-shot Strongman Vig, Cancelled
PictoMafia III [MINI 1212]: Town*, died day4, Town Lost
Box Office Mafia: Town Neighborizer, died day7, Town Lost
Serenity (aka Firefly) Mafia: Town 1-shot Doc, nk n3, Town Lost
Lord of the Rings Mafia: Mafia Godfather, Mafia Won (Flawless!)
Imperishable Night Mafia: Town Enhancer, lynched day1, Town Lost
Zombie Com Mafia: Town Neighborizing Shieldee, Cancelled leaning toward Town Won
Brightest Day Mafia: Town Enhancer*, vigged n2, Town Won
Mafia Dating Game Show 2: Town, lynched day2, Town Lost
NY140: Powerrox's Large Normal: Town, NK n4, Town Lost
8p Swift Mafia: Town, NK n1, Town Lost
Bastardmind of Sin: Town Cop, vigged day 8, Town Won
Children of Hurin Mafia: Town, lynched day1, Town Won
Back to the Future Mafia: Town Doctor, Town Won (Flawless!)
Internet Stars Mafia[MINI]: Mafia Bulletproof, Mafia Won (Flawless!)
Disney Mafia [Basic #7]: Town, lynched day2, Town Lost
Imperial Intrigue Mafia: Mafia Traitor, NK night5, Mafia Lost
Mini 1245: Trouble in Paradise: Moderator, Town Won
Mini 1249: Community Paintball Mafia: Town, died day5, Town Lost
Mini 1247: Auction Mafia: Town, Cancelled
Camn's Tempermental Mafia: Mafia Ninja, Mafia Won
Mini 1249: RPG Mafia: Town Barbarian Mystic, lynched day4, Town Lost
Open 335: Gurgi EC8: Town*, Town Won
TV UPick Mafia: Town FBI Agent, endgamed, Town Lost
Dram's Bastard Mafia: Mafia Redirector, lynched day2, Mafia Won
Secret Society Mafia: Town tracker, nk night8, Town Lost
[Basic#8] Revolutionary War Mafia: Moderator, Mafia Won
Magic the Gathering: Innistrad Edition Mafia: Town Test Subject, NK night4, Town Won
Mythos Mafia: Town Miller, endgamed, Town Lost
Star Wars Mafia- Invitational: Town Motivator, lynched day3, ongoing
: Town, endgamed, town lost but guessed right

Mini 1272: Mafia Along the Boardwalk: Mafia Goon, lynched day4, Mafia Won

Arrested Development Mafia: Town, endgamed, Town Lost

Mini 1270 - Stargate SG-1 Mafia: Town Mason, lynched day1, Town Lost

NY 143: Mafia on the Gulf Coast: Town, Town Won

Cyclic Experimentation Set x02: Town, lynched day3, Town Lost

War in Heaven III Mafia: Town Cherub, Cancelled, (but I think town won!)

100 Boxes Mafia: Mafia**, Cancelled

100 Boxes Mafia (Reboot): Town**, self-exploded n1, Town Lost

Mini 1282: Mafia*, lynched day5, Mafia Lost

Mini 1293: New Age Mafia: Town, Town Won

Playground Mafia: Mafia Won, Moderator

DC Universe Mafia: Town (Flash), NK n1, Town Lost

Touhou 12:Undefined Mafia[Mini]: Town, lynched day2
: Town, Town Lost++

RPG Mafia II: Battle for Malura: Mafia Angel, Cancelled

Touhou 13: Yoshi's Revenge[Mini]: Town Hypnotist, Town Lost

Playground Mafia Mini (no relation): Mafia, Cancelled

Week Long Mafia: Moderator, Cancelled

Mafia With the Kittens: Town, lynched day3, Town Lost
Newbie 1214: Town Won, Moderator
Star Wars Mafia: Town (Count Dooku), lynched day1, Town Won

Blood Bowl Mafia: Mafia, lynched day3, Mafia Won

Polite Mafia: Mafia, lynched day 4, Mafia Won

Mini 1320: Redwall Mafia: Town Badger. killed night2, Town Lost

Mini 1324: Mostly Mute Martyr Mafia Haiku Redux: Town, Town Won

Paranoia Mafia: Town Oracle, lynched day1, Town Lost

Good vs Evil, Law vs Chaos Mafia: Town (LG) Paladin, killed night4, Town Won

Dwarf Fortress Mafia[MINI]: Town Jailkeeper, bombed day2, Town Lost

League Mafia: Town, Town Won

Newbie 1221: Town Jailkeeper*, killed night3, Town Won

Team Mafia (Closed Normal): Town 1-shot neighborizer, lynched day3, Town Lost

Game of the Year: Town, lynched day6, Town Won

Heroes of Comedy: Town, Town Lost

Experimental Role Mafia: Town*, killed night1, Town Won

Mini 1332: Town Neighbor, lynched day2, Town Lost

Politics Mafia: Town Odd-Night Cop, killed n6, Town Lost++

Newbie 1223: Frogs & Toads Mafia: Town Won, Moderator

Newbie 1214: Town Won, Moderator

#Pony Mafia: Mafia Insomniac, lynched day3, Mafia Lost

Mafia Behind the Maiden: Town***, Town Lost

Open 410: Trouble in Paradise: Mafia, Mafia lost

Mini 1344: Murder on the HMS Regalia: Town****, Town Lost

Mini 1350: Spartacus Blood & Sand Mafia: Barca, Beat of Carthage, Cancelled

Mini 1348: Dragon Ball Z Mafia: Town, Town Lost

Words with Scum Mafia: Town, Town Lost

Lovers Mafia: Town Lover*, committed suicide day5, Town Won

My Little Pony Mafia: Town 1-shot bulletproofer, killed n1, Town Lost

Newbie 1254: Mars is for Martians: Moderator, Mafia Won

Otherworld Mafia (Aia & Vasta): Town, lynched day3, Town Won

I Love the 90s Cartoons Mafia: Mafia Inventor, lynched day 11, Mafia Won

New Orchard Mafia: Town, lynched day2, Cancelled, Personal Win

Judge, Jury & Executioner: ongoing***, -replaced out-, Town Lost

Literal Music Video Mafia: Town Dead-voter, lynched day4, Town Won

Mafia in La-La Land: Town, killed n5, Town Lost

WWE Attitude Era 2.0 Mafia: Town Tracker, killed n2, Town Lost

Project Turbine Mafia (Eden Sol & Point Sol): Back-up Moderator, Mafia Won

Mini 1374 - Steam Library Madness Mafia: Town Neighborizer, endgamed, Town Lost
Mini 1382 - The Mystery at Lake Village: Town, Town Won

NY159: RUST Mafia: Town, vigged n3, Town Won

Discworld Mafia: Town Enabling Neighbor, lynched day 4, Town Won
Bleach Mafia: Town, lynched d1, Town Lost

Marketplace Mafia II: Town, Town Won

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Legacy: Town, Harry Potter VT, killed day4, Town Lost

Vampire Mafia: The Gehenna: Town, Town Won

Return to Ravnica (Limited) Promo: Mafia Bulletproof, lynched day5, Mafia Lost

MTG Mafia 2.5: Town doc, lynched d1, Draw

Author Mafia*****: Town 1-shot neighborizor, Town Won

Inbetweeners Mafia: Town, Town Lost

Mini 1389: The Agency Mafia: CIA Mafia Won, Moderator

Mini 1397: War is Hell: Town, lynched d1, Town Lost

You Could Be Anyone Mafia: Town Lie Detector, lynched day 7, Town Lost

Mini 1399: Buckshot Mafia: Town, Town Won

Px2 2012 Invitational: Town, Town Won

Mini 1407: Town****, Town Lost

* replaced in
** as hydra Birds of Pro
*** as hydra Teleporting Speed Hippos
****force replaced out
*****As an alt
++ Mod error
- See more at: