Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monstrous Collection of Cool Rules |

Monstrous Collection of Cool Rules |

We played four square a few months ago at the school, and the kids didn't seem to know the special rules that could be called. I found a list, and most of them seem to be on there, even if the name appears to be different.

So, even though it's been a while, I am posting my variations of the special rules.

Black Magic- Allows you to "spin" or "twist" the ball into a square. This will usually cause it to hit at an angle that is hard to return.

Bubbles- Allows you to "juggle" the ball without holding it. It must be constantly in motion. There is no time limit, unless Bubbles is declared with a number. That number is the maximum time your Bubbles can continue.

Bus Stop- Allows you to stop the ball mid-air to cause it to drop into your square. Still cannot catch it, but can act as a basketball backboard to cause it to fall into your square.

Catches- Allows you to catch and hold the ball. However the ball is still in play. Catches with a number limits the catch time to the number to seconds. Catches 10 means each catch can has to last less than 10 seconds.

Corners- A warning that corners of a square may be targeted. When not called, if it goes into a corner but touches a line, the benefit of the doubt is given to the defender. With Corners called, the benefit of the doubt goes to the attacker.

Doubles- The ball MUST bounce in a square twice before leaving the square.

Triples- The ball MUST bounce in a square 3 times before leaving a square.

Grand Slam- Allows the ball to be thrown HARD into another persons square. This will usually send the ball bouncing above the other persons head. Without Grand Slam being called, throwing the ball is not legal.

Leg- The ball must touch the leg of the player before leaving their square. Can also be used with other body parts.

Line In- Hits to any line are considered "in bounds" and playable. Line hits are in favor of the server.

Line Out- Hits to any line are considered "out of bounds". On inner lines, this indicates that line hits count against the server.

Same- The rules are the same as they were called last time.

Time Outs- Allows anyone with possession of the ball to call a time out, for no reason other that they want to.

1. Rules can be called by the A square when they have the ball and it is not in play.
2. All rules apply to all squares.

Let me know if I'm missing any. :-)

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