Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kolache Stop Bakery and Cafe |  Kolache Stop

Kolache Stop Bakery and Cafe Kolache Stop

Today was the grand opening!!

Well, luckily I got there after the rush, but ordered the bacon, egg, and cheese kolache, an omelet kolache (it has egg, cheese, tomato, and bell pepper), a cinnamon twist (for later), a fruit cup (blueberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew), and some really good coffee in a Kolache Stop travel mug.

For the grand opening, also got a free sausage kolache. Not a big sausage fan, but really liked the egg ones.

And since I've previewed the chicken fajita kolaches for lunch, I highly recommend those. They are almost too good!! I definitely want to try the rest of the lunch menu.

And the coffee was really good. There is a medium roast, and dark medium, and decaffeinated. I normally find the dark roasts too bitter, but I did about a 60/40 dark to medium mix, and the result was very good. I finished it before I left the parking lot! Jamie attributes it to the press they use. Fair enough, since I'm not really a connoisseur, I just know what tastes good to me.

They are located at the corner of Vance Jackson and Huebner, across from Hobby Middle School and across from the vet's office. If you check it out leave a comment about what you think.

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