Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AdSense Activated!

So, after five years, I've finally decided to try the thing where ads appear on the blog.


Who the hell knows.

They seem to indicate that there is money to be made by doing so. When I see them elsewhere (gmail, etc.), I mostly tune them out. Occasionally the ads will have something of interest on it, but, I really only like the small text ads that do not spam your ass or take over your browser or computer.

So, I decided to allow the Google-type ads onto Creatures For My Amusement.

To see how it works, and what I think of it, and if I can use all the dough from it to put my kids through college. If they become particularly annoying, I'll take them off. If not, I'll probably forget about them until I no longer care about them. We'll see.

If you like or dislike the Ads, or have any experience with them, leave a comment and let me know.

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