Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Game of Thrones Summary - S04E05

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 5
"First of His Name"

A Summary of What's Going On

Tommen Lannister is crowned King of Westeros.

So, Daenerys Targaryen learns that being boss isn’t all fun and games and having dragons burn shit down. So she skips the first boat back to Westeros to take care of business is Essos. Smart move. It’s called consolidating your reign before you bite off more than you can chew.

Map of Slavers Bay

Cersei finally figures out that Margaery is what’s best for her son. Again. Either that or she is setting up Margaery again. But, when she’s talking to dad later on, she seems to be all on board the Tyrelle marriage train. (We also learn that the Lannister’s massive wealth is just a we bit less massive than it was before). However, further conversation seems to indicate she’s merely trying to get in Tywin’s good graces in order to influence the verdict on Tyrion. This becomes especially apparent when she hits up Prince Oberyn for the same thing- to fry her brother.


Sansa is “rescued” by Baelish, and taken to her Aunt Lysa. The family reunuion is somewhat awkward. Cousin Robin takes Sansa to her room, and we find out Petyr has been a lot more naughty than we give him credit for. His punishment is to marry Lysa, who is only his second choice, but at least she’s alive (if crazy). This crazy comes out when she has a snack with Sansa and accuses her of sleeping with Petyr. Sansa cries her way out of it, but then is hit with the news of her impending nupitals to Robin, her cousin (who is also hosting bats in his belfry, it seems to me).


Jon Snow leads his band of merry Crows to Craster’s Keep to take care of some deserters. Turns out one of them is some sort of Brandon fan, and he tries to kidnap him. Brandon takes him down, and on the advice of his companions, hides from Jon in order to continue North. Jon at least gets his wolf back.


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